Monday, May 9, 2011

Outfit of the Weekend

Anthro Girls of Savoy dress
Anthro belt
F21 tights
Target Mossimo booties
Tiffany ring

I love the colors of this summery dress and insisted on wearing it despite foggy weather and even after an unfortunate incident at a Vietnamese restaurant involving what Chris calls "noodle lash."

Even thought of a haiku for the day:

Despite gloomy clouds
Girls of Savoy dress triumphs
Best sale stalk ever. 

Of course, the last picture depicts the adorable keyhole neckline. This photo is more involved than you would expect: 
The ring is not my wedding ring, because even post-preggo, my joints are completely swollen and my rings don't fit--just one that Chris bought me and that keeps all the overeager junior high boys at bay--I imagine SO many of them would be ALL up in my grill, otherwise. 
Plus, I wanted to show the keyhole but not the unsightly stain from lunch, so I have my fingers just SO. Also, said fingers badly needed a manicure, so they are curved to nailless perfection. What ragged nail you can't see, doesn't rankle. See what a wonder of sophistication this blog is?

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