Sunday, April 10, 2011


 Hi friends--
      I know this is supposed to be a fashion blog, but had to share these pics. Mainly because her hat is just hilarious. She feels the same.
Gang signs thrown. Kids these days are just growing up so fast.
     Avery is getting progressively bigger, more alert, and adorably giggly. She looks more like Chris, but has many aspects of me, for better or worse.

     For example, she loves being talked and listened to--she babbles constantly with frequent sighs to indicate that she's just so relieved to be understood.

     She loves a warm bath and a firm massage. She's a ferocious eater and has a short-temper when slightly hungry. She's always quite pleasant after a good nap.

     But most of all, she LOVES looking in the mirror at herself. Here, seen just chillin' with me (as you can see, the bangs are needing some help).
 Then, I face us towards a mirror and snap a picture.
 When she spots me and that good-looking baby in the mirror, she starts cracking up.
 We take turns chortling at each other. And ourselves.
 Btw, dear, sweet, loving people at Anthro--please have baby clothes available more than just once a year? And at not-crazy prices that would preclude my child going to college? Ok, thanks, cheers.


  1. Jamie (Cameron's Mama)April 10, 2011 at 10:02 PM

    I LOVE HER!! Please come back to visit soon so I can hug her!!

  2. That hat is too cute, and so is your little girl :)!

  3. Where do you shop for her adorable clothing? :)

  4. Anon: 1. Many, happy hand-me-downs 2. Baby Gap 3. Old Navy and I 4. SWEPT the Anthro kids collection when it all went on first cut sale.