Saturday, December 3, 2011


 My gorgeous and precocious niece, Olive, aged 4 has always pronounced Anthro as Anfro. Hilarious and adorable, right?

(Yes, that is a MOUNTAIN of Anthro pillows you spy in the background-Nalynne, my SIL has pillow fever)
Speaking of hilarious and adorable, her sissie. CeCe. A giggly sparkplug, avid puzzler, and sweet, freckled extrovert.

(Nalynne painted that huge piece in the background. Yes, she's that talented.)

Nalynne thought it would be hysterical if we let them all wear the Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot costume. Um, excuse me. I mean, HUNNY Pot, the lesser known, phonetic spelling. 

(Anthro bag at top right corner contained a few goodies. My unshaven leg at bottom left corner dons Anthro socks from last season)

 Mutual cousin love. And relief getting out of that outrageously stuffy costume.

(Notice more Anthro pillows as well as blanket behind them)
 Which leads me to today's topic of names. I have casually thought about changing the name of this blog to Anfrolife.

Because I think it's so funny and cute-- and because my life has evolved to be less Anthro and more "other." You know: baby, work (or maybe not), garden, friends, Pinterest, Etsy.


I guess that is Anthrolife. But also Anfro, you know? That is, if "Anfro" means Anthro with kids (which decrease your chances of going to Anthro all the time), then that's it.

'Course, if you google for Anfro and start getting AFROlife, then that's the wrong website.

I don't have anything insightful to say about anyone's hair in general or Afros in particular. Sorry! (But apparently that's a magazine. Who knew?)

Maybe I just need to go to Anthro more to support this blog and uphold my integrity as a blogger. I'm all about integrity, you know.

Yes, I need to shop more to keep things real. Have to. Wouldn't be right not to.

Yep, that's what I'll do.
(or just start reading Afrolife. I will keep you posted.)


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