Sunday, December 4, 2011

Anthrobaby meets Santa

Avery had her first Liamolly photo moment... And screamed hysterically.

In February, I had bought all the kid's knits I could when they went on sale and she's finally big enough to sport the Anthro!

I took her down to our village holiday parade the other night to view the lights and shops. Carolers! The high school marching band! Hot chocolate and horsey rides and doggies galore!

The one tragedy was when I handed her over to a complete stranger--an old, obese, bearded man who smelled odd and very well might have been homeless.

I mean, I don't know how real estate is doing in the North Pole, but I'm sure the economy has affected SC himself.

Nonetheless, he was a good sport. Can't say the same for her.


  1. Awww! My daughter is an Avery too... except spelled Averie, and I'll tell ya... she would have been the same exact way when she was that age :-) maybe it's in the name? Anyway, she is adorable!!! Love the liamolly.

  2. I just got my son into my kid's anthro scores from Feb! Finally! I love the SC photos. Classics for sure.

  3. aimee--love the name!! and the spelling! it's like she was destined to shop at anthropologie. :)
    am--yeah for shopping in advance! i loved the boy's stuff, too.

  4. Love the picture - looks like a Christmas card in the making... She'll appreciate it in about 20 years. Def love the sweater!