Friday, December 9, 2011

Anthro Inspired Baby Nursery

Oh December. You with your whipping winds and chilled icy mornings. I remember it was a year ago when we cobbled together our little nursery with great excitement and nervousness for our new tiny baby--I guess I haven't shown you guys any pictures yet, so here they are.
vintage Winnie the Pooh, handmade wool lamb's cap, A. Anguish

I wanted to call this post "Anthrobaby Nursery," but it just wouldn't have been honest since a lot of our items are from non-Anthro places. Plus, there's already another person who has an Anthrobaby profile on Facebook.
And this ain't her nursery. 

And it's not like we live and die and are fed by Anthro. Maybe once they start selling food...(cream puffs and peppermint mochas, please!)

Anthro banner, circa 2008.
My friend, Julie (the original AnthroNUT!) to whom the local SA's write "Miss you!" cards to when they haven't seen her in a week, gave me the Happy Holidays banner, which I LOVE.

It's all patchy, owly goodness, and they're perched on actual branches.
Whoooo wouldn't love that?

Anthro padded letter, Stuffed sheep family, various
Shelf, ikea. Canvas bins, Martha Stewart.
I love the quilted padded letters, and a is of course, for Avery...and maybe also for Anthro.

Area rug, Gilt. Diaper changing table, Pottery Barn Kids. Activity Gym, Target.
Chris, my hubs has a serious Gilt addiction. I have been considering doing an intervention, HIMYM-style, but he has such good taste, that I haven't actually gone through with it.

He bought the rug and the animal bins--all without showing me or telling me. They just showed up on our doorstep. Our UPS guy knows us by NAME (Hi Bert!).

I'm sure that's normal in like, Ohio, but in Southern California, land of averting your gaze and stranger neighbors? Not so much.

Animal Canvas Bins, Gilt. Crib Bedding, Pottery Barn Kids.
Aren't these adorable? They're also pretty sturdy and can fit essentially anything--diaper boxes, clean laundry, extra blankets. ..curious babies.
Sweater, LiaMolly, Legging, Gift. Socks, No idea.
Drawer set, Ikea. Knobs, Anthro.

The drawers are a bit basic, from Ikea. And not so well made, since the bottom drawer is now stuck at quarter-mast.

But this is perfect since Avery likes to stick her little sausage fingers in and bang drawers shut. So this saves her at least a little trauma everyday.

And I added some favorite Anthro knobs, like in our kitchen, to spice things up. From basic to suddenly quirkily charming. Or just plain quirky.

Sham and Crib Bedding, Pottery Barn Kids.
And of course, PB kids had such cute bedding last year. I love the little quilted birds...Next up, posters of Justin Bieber and New Kids on the Block! Oh...I mean, I guess that would have been just for me.


  1. Wow, I love, LOVE the canvas animal storage bins. They are tops. And the round reindeer rug - can I please just say, "GENIUS!"? Just woodsy enough to be charming, with a palette that says, "yes, I am a hip baby that understands color theory". Cheers! xo

  2. I live in rural Missouri and all the delivery guys know us by names. Sometimes the FedEx guy will deliver packages to us if we run into him in town so he doensn't have to come to our street.