Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hi kids,
     Well, I never thought I would, but the other day, I went rifling through the knob bin at Anthro. And thought I had just stumbled in some kind of ceramic, non-lead based heaven. 

     I couldn't really decide which knobs were cutest, so brought a big variety home to Chris. Who thought they would be fun and eclectic in our kitchen, all mismatched in their knobby glory.

    What do you think?

We had the kitchen painted yellow, since we both strongly believe in fiscal responsibility and sunny cooking areas.

My good friend, Deb helped me (she also "helped" organize our kitchen--meaning, she did everything, while I lounged on a stool and pointed out more things she could help me do) with a lot of the major screwdriver-related activity.

Some of the lower cupboards are kid-proofed, since Carter, Deb's 10 month old is now on the prowl and loves to open drawers and wreak gentle, adorable havoc on us all.

Too unmatchy-matchy? I'm still not sold. I might just have to go back and get everyting in the blue ridged knob or cloisonne. Any opinions?


  1. how about one style on top & one on the bottom..more unified but still variety. cute!

  2. interesting! good thought. i'll have to go a'knob-gathering and try that out!

  3. I love it! It's unmatchy in such a great way! Especially the blue/green motif!