Thursday, June 17, 2010

Outfits of the Day--Go LAKERS!

Sigh. Nalynne has such wonderful fashion sense. Meaning she wears Anthro almost everyday. Not that the two are mutually exclusive. Just sometimes causative.
On our trip to Big Mama Anthro (Santa Monica), she was wearing
Yellow Minas Tank, Anthro buy here, $88
Navy Splendid Cardigan, Anthro circa 2009
Snakebite belt, Anthro, buy here, $32.
Anthro Leggings, circa 2009
Seychelle's Hullabaloo in yellow, buy here, $100 on their website.

I love this outfit. Every component is so fun and easily swappable into multiple outfits. Her Seychelle's, especially I've been eyeing for days. They're elegant, yet fun, and yellow goes with everything. 
Especially since the Lakers are going to win tonight. 
Yup, I just slipped that in.

OOTD #2:

She wore this adorable outfit, with those ever-usable Seychelle's Hullabaloos.
Anthro dress, circa fall 2009
Anthro Cardigan Tabitha, thanks, sale room! 50 bucks.
Anthro Snakebite belt.


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