Saturday, June 12, 2010

Anthrobooks: Summer Reads


Sorry, friends. I have been a flaky blogger for the last week. A combination of moving to our new house, and the upheaval that entails; the in-laws coming to town; feeling under the weather; and the general chaos of life. 

Anyway, was thinking about all the good books I've gotten from Anthro in the last few years. Or spotted at Anthro, jotted down, and then bought at Amazon. Thanks, Anthro!

First off, I love Scott Schuman's Sartorialist website. He's a fashion photog for GQ and other mags, and just thought he was seeing great fashion on the street--in New York, Milan, Tokyo.

He just approaches people (famous and otherwise) on the street and snaps their picture. The result is original, eclectic, beautiful, REAL fashion.

About 17 bucks on Amazon. 25 at Anthro.

My monthly pal, Lucky magazine, puts out a GREAT style guide: I love this book so much and just look through it every so often for inspiration.

With style types from "Euro Chic" to "Arty Slick" to my favorite "Posh Eclectic," I find this an essential fashion inspiration staple. And simply a joy to flip through.

About 20 bucks at Amazon. I think it was 30 something at Anthro more than a year ago.

Speaking of monthly pals. Rest in Peace, Domino. We who knew ye, surely miss ye. But the tasteful chic elegance lives on in this book.

Can't believe that 850,000 of us are still without Domino. And that 850,000 wasn't enough to save you. Sniff. Sniff.

About 21 bucks on Amazon. 32 bucks on Anthro.

Gretchen Rubin writes in such a friendly, relatable voice about feeling, well, kinda "blegh." Not a full-on depression, certainly, but not as happy as we want to feel. And how much can we control in terms of our own daily happiness? Apparently a lot.

Loved this book, and I check in with her website every so often, just to remind myself what I CAN do to change my own outlook.

Amazon has it for about 17, it's 25 at Anthro.

I bought this for my niece a few months ago. Loved this book as a child, and it is so fun with the pop-ups! Anthro had it on sale for about 15 bucks, I think they're out by now. Amazon for about 20 bucks.

Who doesn't want to BE Audrey Hepburn? Not just to be like her, but to live in that tiny, gamine, ballet dancer body and woo and wow people for generations after you're dead and gone? Maybe it's just me. But I doubt it.

12 bucks on Amazon. Or Anthro for 20.

Same with Coco. Who doesn't want to be like the CC? Dude, did anyone else salivate over the tour of her luxe Paris pad when Rachel Zoe went OMG-ing all through it?

Amazon about 13. Anthro had it for 20.

Anthro LOOOOVES Alexandra. She has had at least 3-4 books (including the ones below) at Anthro at one time or another. All very much focused on self-improvement and living a beautiful life, being loving, cherishing your close ones. Pshaw. Whatever. AS IF.

Actually I really like them. They're a little cheesy, but they're inspiring. And well-written, in that hokey, but tried-and-true kind of way.

All of Alexandra Stoddard's books on Amazon. They're all about 12-15 bucks.

Anyone else have any Anthrolit faves?

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