Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nalynne and I go to the Mothership

It was inevitable. For Nalynne's long-awaited visit this week, we had to go to the Santa Monica mondo-mama store, on the lovely 3rd Street Promenade. 

I got to snuggle up with Cece, Nalynne's 2 year old, (a little wiggly, but adorable just the same) on the awesome yellow couch that's only, um, SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS. It might as well be 5 times as much. No way.

But love it still. 

Much more affordable and relatable. I picked up these awesome knobs for our bathroom drawers. So cool and decorative. Between 6 and 8 dollahs.

Amazing!! But this one was about 14 bucks.

Nalynne's smile always lights up the room.Especially in the sale room. And dude. What a sale room. Not that I'm a real estate guru or anything, but that must be at least 1500 square feet of discounted Anthro goodness.

Like a stinkin' average LA apartment! Full of Anthro!!

She tried on this Anna Sui Endless Chevrons dress and had to get it--it was 99 bucks. So cute! Perfect for summer, a graduation, a BBQ, or a day at the beach.

All of which have occurred on our schedule, during this week.

Loving summer and all it allows.


  1. I am now in love with this dress!! Can I ask what size Nalynne purchased? I am hoping to track one down! :)

  2. Yes! Nalynne got a 4. They also had a size 0 there, and a few bigger sizes still in the sale room. Good luck!