Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How to get Immediate Salesperson Attention in a Memorial Day Crowd

1. Sit down casually in the middle of a completely packed Anthropologie
2. Whip out your iPhone, do not attempt nonchalance.
3. Start snapping pictures of your favorite shoes on the table.
4. Watch as the SA's leap to attention.

SO STINKIN' CUTE. But about as comfortable as you can imagine wooden clog heels to be. Since when is it wrong for heels to be padded? Huh? Shouldn't they all be? Is that just crazytalk?

Not on the website yet. About 170 dollars.  Loved the strappy crossing in the front and the weathered look of the leather. Plus, the wedge makes this easier to walk and just a smidge more casual.

Also not on the website. About 160. Walked around in these in front of the mirror and one of the embroidered couches. Love the color, the sideswept bow. Elegant, without too froufrou.

The softest leather you can imagine. Cuts off at the ankle so doesn't really flatter my kankles, but just loved the shade and the stitching, and man, wanted to snuggle up to the bow. Snuggle!!

Is it just me, or are the shoes GORGEOUS this month??


  1. I take it the SA's did not like you taking pictures? I loved the clogs, but you're right, WHY on earth don't all heels come with padded footbeds a la Born Crown?

  2. yes, actually Anthro's official stance is that photos are allowed, as long as they don't interfere with anyone else's shopping.
    the SA's probably still get a little nervous, though.

  3. Oh my gosh that first pair is stunning!!

  4. Oh, love those second pair of wedges. Can't wait to see them on the website since my Anthro doesn't carry shoes. :( BTW, just discovered your blog through Anthroholic!

  5. Hi Jesspgh--yes, I LOVED that first pair. Too bad it FELT like a coupla pieces of plywood strapped to my tootsies, dangit.

    Hello, Sara! I too don't have a really local store with shoes, so I am thrilled when I actually get to hold them in my actual hand. Aren't they darling?