Thursday, June 3, 2010

Setting Up House

It's so exciting! Chris and I are picking out paint colors and furniture for the new house. We're both partial to warm colors--so hoping for shades of citrus for the kitchen, guest bedrooms, and the family room.

It's so funny how long one finicky person and one normal person (obviously me) can argue about shades of yellow. I think we went back and forth for half an hour. About one color. ONE.

Ah well, we can always repaint.

Here are some Anthro items I would also love to add to our new place.



 Great shade of yellow!! But definitely gag-on-your-tongue expensive.



Love the industrial, rugged look of their hand-hewn tables. May have to sale stalk this sucker.  


  1. Good luck on settling on a yellow you both like, lol!! The furniture picks are simply amazing, and perfect if you were a millionaire!

  2. Love the couch! And I'm a yellow fan as well...doesn't it just make you feel so happy? :) Good luck with settling in. I hope you post more pictures of your adventures in decorating.

  3. thanks, dea. will have to show what we ended up with.
    cindi (and chris), yellow rules! if visual sunshine doesn't make you feel better, well, you probably need some more!