Saturday, December 10, 2011

Love Tate Relationship

Hi girls!
     Did anyone score some goodies at the sweater/coat sale today? I only bought the Orchard House Cardi, which I'd read good things about. 

     Would have LOVED to have gotten a shot at the Runway Lapel Coat, but that has been long gone online, and I never saw it in our store.

     Anyway, thanks, girls for the opinions on the big bootie controversy of 2011. The Tate Boots had it! I ordered them from Anthro a few days ago online, using my 25% online coupon, but still pricey at around $320 or so. 

     And I was satisfied. AND THEN. I got this comment from Ally:

     OMG. I screeched to a halt, and careened onto RLL's site, and get this--FOUND them not for $169, but for NINETY BUCKS. That's right. 

     Only 3 left, and whaddya is the right size for lil' ol' me.


     So, now guess who's going to be getting 2 pairs of boots (now that I can also get the Herringbone, too) for Christmas? Just like Jenny suggested?

     Good idea, Jenny. And thanks, Ally! Rue La La now has a new customer, and any extra shekels will go toward our new curtain fund. Our neighbors will be grateful.

     Have I told you about how excessively ugly our curtains are yet? Oh boy. Just wait. Chris thinks they're award-worthy. Like Yoda, 2011's ugliest dog.



  1. Interesting, I just got a pair of Vince Camuto in Black at Macys on sale for a total of $128 and they look the same. :o) They are gorgeous.

  2. Pascale: those ARE beautiful. i noticed they were on rll in black, as well. are they comfortable? i can't wait til they arrive.