Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crazy LA or If Only I Could Sew Like a Mormon and Resolutions

     I woke up this morning (at 5 am as I am still adjusting from Budapest time--pictures are coming, just have to pay Google a ransom so I can have more memory) and got straight to reading some new blogs that I've fallen in love with. I'll get to those in a minute.

     Um, ok--Let me remind us all that it's NOVEMBER. But, it is 95 (NINETY STINKIN' FIVE!!) steaming degrees today at our house. Living lavida loca in LA.

     Especially since it was in the 50's all throughout June and most of July! I was shivering and wearing sweaters all summer, and begging Chris to turn on the heat.
     But today, I was sweating both on the way to and coming home from Target. I couldn't even stop by Anthro to browse the sale rack (how was it?), because I was afraid the eggs that I had gotten (with a coupon) at Target would sit too long in the sweltering trunk.

     Anyways, back to the cool blogs I've stumbled upon. A few more are unnamed, mainly from the Shabby Apple Dare-to-Design contest. Here was my favorite dress design (see below, #4). So cute with the color blocking and the shoulder details!

I have been following:

1. Sara Tyau's blog for a while, who does DIY Anthro and J Crew and blogs about her adorable kids,

2. House of Grace, who seems an amazing thrifter and organizer,

3. Cottage Instincts, another thrifter and style blog, and through the Shabby Apple contest

4. Kindred Monologues, who sews, crafts, and has adopted both her sweet little kidlets, and shares a very moving adoptive story for both.

     All these women are so creative and capable. They all seem to have no problem sewing, crafting, re-purposing furniture, stretching their dollars, and sniffing out bargains--all with a cheerful smile.

     Which is to say, they're ALL Mormons. Which means, in addition to keeping themselves well-dressed and fashion-forward, they are bathing, teaching, clothing, cuddling between 2-5 likely very well-behaved children. 

     I find that amazing. I also find the Mormon sub-culture fascinating--not being Mormon and all. I guess it's just Mormon-envy. The ability to juggle so many acts for so many people--with near-perfect flair and ease. They have such a warm, supportive community. Have I mentioned they also all cook?! And no Mormon in school or work, I've ever met has been rude. Yet.

     Well, they have inspired me to be and do better. At everything. I just had my birthday on Halloween, and so have been thinking about resolutions for the coming year. In brief--
-more of a can-do, optimist attitude in general, but esp at work (it's so easy to complain and then fall into a vicious cycle of poor-me)
-more thrifty and money-conscious (saving up for scooter's college fund, as it will likely be staggeringly expensive)
-better friend (keeping in touch on a regular basis, not just the occasional fb shoutout)
-better quality and health-conscious cook (for chris' sake and for scooter too)
-being grateful everyday that I live in such a wonderful, albeit flawed country. More on this when I show and tell Budapest/Prague.

There's more, but enough for now. Now, I gotta go turn on that fan--and start up my sewing machine!

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  1. Loveth!!!There's 1 blog I follow. You should read her story. She's LDS and an anthro lover too.
    and my friend Karalea is great at making baby hats/booties and stuff
    and my husband's cousins who are very creative as well...

    Happy Sunday and see you at work :))