Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let the Nesting Begin! DIY Anthro Ruffles

Hi girls,
     It's true! The whole "nesting" instinct has officially kicked in. I didn't think I would ever get the organizing/scrubbing/crafting/sewing bug. It has now arrived. And is specifically personified in lots of ruffles.

     I'm one of those people who's never met a ruffle I didn't like. Scary, I know.

With the above tops as inspiration, and a new cutting mat and rotary blade at my side, I consulted one of my favorite Mormon blogger mamas, Sara (see her tutorial here) on the subject of ruffling (I have no problem being a ruffian in general).

Step 1: Rip open your new cutting mat/rotary blade with glee (you can also do this project WHILE watching Glee--but will probably take much longer).

2. Grab a basic tee or tank top that needs some sprucing.

3. Cut some strips from fabric scraps with your awesome new rotary blade. Set your sewing machine on the longest stitch, then pull the bottom thread through to create ruffles.

4. Make happy faces with the new ruffly strips.

5. Line them up on the tee/tank in whatever design you like, and pin every 2-3 inches horizontally so you can sew over the pins.
6. Try it on in the mirror.

7. Repeat with different color tee.

8. Try a more adventurous design with the ruffles. Pin. Struggle with sewing it a bit--but by lifting the pedal foot intermittantly, realize the ruffles actually can be evenly distributed.

10. Try that sucker on for size.

11. Take a side view picture for that one clamoring stalker/fan (singular). Hi Mom!

See how fun and easy? What do you guys want to ruffle?


  1. Nice handiwork! (spelling..?)

    Makes me realise I need to learn to sew! We pay a fortune for these embellishments at the shops don't we?

    Both tops look great - and when you get a compliment you get to say you made it yourself!

  2. Cute! Nice job. I've been meaning to embellish some shirts too. One of these days I'm totally going to get around to it too!