Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pre-Pregnancy Fitting Room Review I Forgot to Post

Whoopsie-Daisy. This is from about 8 months ago. 

I think I saw Robin wearing this, the Transposed Tulips Blouse, on How I met your Mother, and thought, how fun! Well, I'm not a HUGE print fan, but I thought this was a very comfortable silky fabric, that had been draped well at the neck. The gather falls a tiny bit higher than I would expect, but is rather flattering

Of course, the pseudo-halter always shows off the shoulders, which is nice.

And can't you just ooh and ahh at the CUTEST buttons ever! Just so cute you could pinch their chubby little cheeks!! And maybe sale stalk.

Last item: just a brief note about this LA Made dress. I saw it a few months ago, but never tried it on because the fabric seemed not that special to me. Just a regular cotton. Nice detail of the ruffle around the shoulder, but simple with a straight belt, not a lot of frills.

Well, I was completely underwhelmed when trying this on. Yes, it's cheap, now that it's on sale, but it needs to be.

There is really nothing special about this dress and I'm surprised Anthro carries it. I think you could pick up any black cotton tank dress, stitch a row of same fabric ruffles along the shoulder straps, and call it a day.

Its shape is only created with the implement of the belt. Otherwise, as flattering as a paper bag. I'm sorry to be so negative, but I'm really puzzled about this one.

Does anyone else see it or am I just a woman on a mission to bring about world peace...alone?

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