Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kickin' Lotsa Booty

     Let's just say, I don't have dainty ladylike feet. And pregnancy sure ain't a-helpin'. In fact, the term "Hobbit Stumps" comes instantly to mind.

But I love a good boot that doesn't draw too much attention, and does not look boat-esque.

So, when I saw these "on-line only" beauties, I had to gasp, recoil, and then coo. I think it's the color (Olive! And a perfect shade, at that!) that me loves the most.

Also, the Falling Temperature boot reminds me of boots that Lily wore on How I Met your Mother--and I've been DYING to get my hands on some for a year now! Stalking ebay, zappos, and shopstyle--for something comparable, yet affordable.

This may be it.

I even tried some boots on in Budapest, but they didn't have any in my size (apparently, even European women have smaller feet than me). Boo...

     I did buy the Loose Reins Boots for $268 a few months ago and have worn them a few times. The only issue I have is that they're a little small (so half-size up--unless it's just the preggo feet in addition to my usual enlarged tootsies), and I would LOVE the heel to be a bit higher. Otherwise, so adorable, with the ruffles along the edge.

Nalynne, my dear SIL had ordered them too, and the lace broke almost the minute she tried them on. She had to Ebay them in favor of the Bowtied Beaties.

Other cuties on the boots page:

The Pebbled and Primped at $258

Nalynne's faves, Bowtied Beauties at $248

and the Mother Lode--LOVING the textures and color blocking of these gorgeous (but pricey at $448)
Rhinebeck Boots. SUH-WOON.

Um, sale-stalk? Or just eat cheerios for 4 weeks? Maybe Scooter can just go to a trade school...College is overrated, right?

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