Wednesday, November 3, 2010

East meets West

Now that I've spent a week in Eastern Europe, I can obviously consider myself the ultimate expert in all things Czech/Hungarian. Ironically (ha!), the Karelia Coat for $248 by Elevenses is described thus on Anthro's website:

"Elevenses captures the beauty of Eastern Europe in this stunning patchwork of Russian-inspired tapestries, complete with a faux-fur collar and leather toggle closures..."

I find this coat so gorgeous and luxurious. Definitely very ethnic looking, and reviewing well (probably thanks in small part to the fact that it is on the cover of this month's catalog). But the irony (again, ha!) is that all the local women I saw in Prague and Budapest who were hip, modern, and under the age of say, 55, dress like Westerners.
That is to say, they dress like trendy American/Canadian women. With drapey sweaters, skinny jeans, knee-high boots, poofy parkas, Abercrombie labels, the whole bit.  A little disappointing to find that global fashion culture is effacing local culture. But exciting, too.

The only way you know they're not American is that they are 1) not loud and obnoxious and 2) not speaking English, loudly and obnoxiously on the train. Chris and I on the other hand, had to represent--loudly and obnoxiously. Because that is who we are.

Also, we didn't want them to think we were Japanese tourists--what with that huge camera he lugged around and my impeccable, IMMUTABLE style.

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