Monday, November 1, 2010

Cozy Sweaters for the Emerging Waistline

Ok girls, this is a quick and dirty post, essentially just pics of what sweaters were 1) on sale last week at my local Anthro and 2) available in my size. 

Sorry I don't have the links or prices this time, only brief snarky comments. 

Chris and I just came back from our babymoon, in Prague/Budapest. I will definitely post some pics, but be forewarned--not a ton of fashion, being that we are light packers and it was barely hovering over 40 degrees the whole week. Brrrrrr!!!!

Exhibit A: probably the least flattering. Or as C would say, the most fattering.

Exhibit B: Loved this sweater. May need to get for post-partum. Tried in 2 colors. As you can see, the waist tie is hanging on for dear life.

Exhibit C: Looks ogle-icious on the website. In person--very jolly-green-giant (and not the sexy years). Reminded me of what my mom always said about Asian people not being able to wear green. What?! You haven't heard that tried and true edict before? Re-read Sun Tzu's "Art of War."

Loved the GORGEOUS flower power detailing, though. Sigh. Next year in midnight blue, please!!

Exhibit D: Um, not sure what I was thinking when I pulled this off the rack. Or when the designers put this onto the truck. Some things are better just left conceptual. But I did love the sleeve detail.

Exhibit E: Yikesies. Welcome to Frumpsville, population, ME. Totally could have worked if everything wasn't so overwhelmingly neutral. And maybe I should wear some make-up, ONCE in a while.

Tried to take out the lack-of-makeup factor. Nope, still blah.

Exhibit F: Ok, THIS I like. And will claw out someone's eyes for. Sucker for any felt flower lovingly stitched onto a perfectly tailored jacket front. SOLD!

Stay tuned for pictures from deep, deep within Eastern Europe! Would have been much more mysterious and dangerous--20 years ago.


  1. aww! as a Budapest-based reader, I'm looking forward to seeing your Central Europe photos. I'm always interested to see how the city looks through other people's eyes.

  2. I love D and E on you! And that's funny about Asians wearing green. My favorite color is green and a Korean woman told me one time that so many Korean girls love the color green - maybe she was not serious. :)

  3. Hey S, I think B2 and F are great on you. Asians can wear green, just depends what shade, nothing too yellow based.

  4. thanks girls--yes, it's so funny about the green/asians. avoiding the yellow/orange shades seems to be key.
    anon--i loved budapest! will be posting pics today.