Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Admitting it--Jealousy of a 14 year old

Hi friends--
     I happen to love reading Tavi Gevinson's blog, The Style Rookie. What's expected: witty, engaging prose. Lots of on-the-scene runway pics. Creative stylistic pairings--lace, puffy layers, plastic drugstore barrettes.
     What's unexpected: She's like, 14. Literally, 14. And a freshman in high school, who also happens to attend all the important fashion weeks.
     I envy her--the time she has, the talent, the opportunity to be young, yet sure-footed. She's emphatic and opinionated--while being self-assured and very knowledgable. Who else is at that age? Without sounding childish and spoiled?
     Good for her, I say, with some wistfulness. Now if only I could wear what I loved everyday...without incurring the wrath or scorn of the imposing in-crowd elite...Here they come--I'd better cower in my locker...


  1. Thanks for the link. No really, THANKS!

    I have just spent some 90 minutes delighting in the prose of this wonderful talented thing. And she's 14 - actually 14 and all the designers send her things because clearly... she's an Old Soul.

    I'd say she's going to be something big but I suspect she already is.

    Thanks !!!!!!!!

  2. Kate--so glad you liked it! She is certainly amazing. And boy, does she have a headstart on EVERYONE.