Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Anthrokids, Ye Olde Original

Slow day at work today, friends. Which is awesome, because that means more time to peruse the Anthro sale online. What blew my socks off:

1. Small Sparrow's Dimpled Cardigan for 50 bucks. Which I have, in white. And bought for 98 bucks. And have not worn even once, mainly because Chris said it was (and I quote) "fattering."

No, that's not a mispelling.

I kept it because I don't like to let other people tell me what to wear. But it doesn't mean that I end up wearing said clothes, either. That's right--brave, defiant coward, right here.

Coward who stashes sweaters in her closet for months, then takes them out to try them on, when they go on sale.

But I just love it in this shade. Does anyone else see how sweet and elegant it is? And soft and perfect for a blustery winter afternoon.

2. Floreat's Blushing Avian blouse for about 50 bucks. So gorgeous with the simple sweeping neckline, the feathers for goodness sakes! Feathers that don't look too too crazy-old-lady!! And that belt is just perfection...

Oh, for my previous waistline. Sigh. Which is now widened and bloated and rolling around with mysterious baby elbows and alarming karate chops. Especially during Mad Men. Scooter seems to come alive to the sound of Don Draper's voice.

3. And then...AGAIN! Floreat, with the simple, almost Victorian elegance! Stop it already.
The High Tea Blouse is on sale, girls. Maybe it's time--since at 50 bucks, it ain't gonna get much better.

It's so hoity toity, English snob--I want to wear it and then watch SuperNanny while sipping Earl Grey.

My favorite educator ever (4th grade), Mr. Klein was SUCH an Anglophile, and always had Paddington bear all around the classroom, along with pics of Queen Elizabeth II. He would definitely approve.

Did anyone else score some sale goodies? I saw some kids stuff online and was GAGGING to shop--SO very cute. Next post will have to be about the anthrokids.


  1. LOL, my hubby and I both just laughed at your hubby's term 'fattering.' I'll have to remember and use that term. It's so hilarious! I haven't had a chance to get to my anthro yet, and I'm resisting shopping online right now cuz I'm a baby about the shipping.

  2. Oh, I totally love the kids selection in the new arrival session of anthro website. Luckily/Unluckily the biggest size they have is 4 and my daughter is very tall for age so I couldn't possibly justify for buying anything that is already a ted too small. But Love love love love the monkey business coat!!!

    I also love how ivory like quality in the high tea dress, but it is dry clean :-(

  3. lori--i totally agree w the shipping fee reluctance. it's outrageous! that's why i go to the store and make the SA call around. They love it!
    inkmark--lucky you! tall and i have no doubt, cutie-pie daughter. i could lose a fortune on the kids collection. sale stalk!!!