Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Plenty's Ruched Marigold Coat:
Gorgeous color, retro cut, AND 30% off? Tracy Reese always does PLENTY right.

Saw it, loved it, bought it online yesterday. Email receipt confirmed. Did a little jig.

Then got email this am saying it was sold out in XS and my order was unceremoniously cancelled.

Will have to be that annoying girl calling around stores, I guess.

On the upside, ironically, got my 15% birthday discount in the mail, today, too.

Maybe this is a sign. Tracy Reese, I know you made this jacket for me.


  1. It really is a beautiful jacket. Hope you find it in your size soon!

  2. i love that coat, also, but one of the reviewers said the sleeve were "too" puffy, so i was scared to get it. hope you find it because it's beautiful! hope you're doing well, glad to see some new posts.

  3. did you end up finding it? looked at the website today and it's no where in site. maybe sold out online?