Friday, September 23, 2011

That Dweam. Wivin a Dream.

Mawwiage. Mawwiage Is What Bwings Us Togeva Today. Mawwiage, that Bwessed Event. That Dweam! Wivin a Dweam!--priest from "Princess Bride"

A few weeks ago, my hilarious, artsy, amazingly talented friend Kat married her handsome Prince Charming on a quiet hillside above Laguna Beach.

We sat on handsewn picnic blankets and Chinese sweatshop-produced personalized pillows (by that, I mean me and Kat's other Asian friends) along the bridal path. She glided down with a joyous smile, looking radiant, never tearing her eyes from her beloved.

Even my mediocre iPhone camera captures her how stunning and happy she looked on that lovely afternoon. Please excuse the wedding photographer's right buttock, which did NOT look stunning. Or happy.

We had a wonderful time. Laughs, taco-truck tacos (muy delicioso! and worth the wait), and Smilebooth photos were had in excess.

My favorite line by the MC:"Kat's Asian, Dennis is Black, so of course, we're having Mexican food for the reception."

Oh, Dude. That Smilebooth--so fun! Chris and I might have to have a permanent one in our backyard somewhere.

The girls (Rita, Kimi, Kat, me and a stowaway):
and me and my man:
Take I--a bit askew
 Take II--still off
 Take III--finally getting it.
UO sweater
F21 dress
JCrew necklace
Cowboy hat, monocle, mustache and Thurston Howell III sold separately
Hugs to Kat and Dennis! Joyous occasions like this are few and far between. You know. Taco trucks are a rarity.

Chris and I are so lucky to have my mom here this weekend. You know what that means...catching up on Project Runway (we are losing our PR contest so far), maybe an Anthro run, and sleeping in. In other words, HEAVEN.
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend with those nearest and dearest to you.


  1. first 1/2 gorgeous, second 1/2 hysterical!

  2. Aaaawww! Thanks for posting pics! Seriously - that was the best day ever for Dennis and me. =) AND the photobooth was SO FUN! (so glad we figured it out and that the sweatshop labor didn't stop at the pillows but went onto create props too!)