Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Three Guesses

...why I haven't been blogging, and the first 2 don't count. Well, friends, Avery has been on the move. She's 8.5 months and has been cruising/crawling for over a month. I barely have time to check my email and write creepy letters to Clooney anymore, much less blog. 
     So we are still very much alive, but just fully enjoying this magical time. Thanks for all your concerned emails. Or just the one.
We went to an amazing 1st birthday party the other day, at a grassy lawn overlooking the glistening Pacific Ocean.
Somehow, Avery and I got enveloped by this mysterious parachute, which was euphemistic for the general sense of lighthearted goodwill and colorful bonhomie. Or the paralyzing debt and despair our country has slowly but dramatically crumpled under. Either one.
It was a family affair. Chris' elbows are really this massive in real life. He's been in several medical journals. True story.
Avery searching for fleas. Thankfully, only a few were found.
Outfit of the other day:
Anthro top '10
Anthro Pilcro cords
Anthro belt, circa '09, which I still see around in stores

Btw, I love this belt. I bought it full price (about 50 bucks or so), and have never seen it go on sale, although I still see variations of it. Sequined main body, with a braided design, and brown leather buckle. Goes with everything and seems to add just enough sparkle without being Imelda-Marcos-obnoxious.
Or being just obnoxious enough.
And isn't that the goal? Being juuuuust obnoxious enough.


  1. very cute pics and outfit!


  2. So glad you are enjoying this stage! They grow so fast! Glad you are back to blogging as well!

  3. So glad you're posting again. Love the blog!