Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Thank you reader(s), for being so patient with me. I know I only blog once in a blue moon, but I still get weblove (no, don't be gross) from you.

Some thoughts since our last meeting:

-Like most, I wish I didn't have to work. But even when I'm off, there's so much to do at home, that I end up more tired than when I just haul myself to the salt mines. Hanging out with a 9 month old all day is NO JOKE. Avery is Miss SuperBusyBee (must! crawl! and grab! anything shiny! or sharp!) and doesn't seem to understand my need to sit down once in a while and not carry her 20 pound HEFT everywhere.
Is that just life? Probably. Especially being a mama? Most def. Love it. But it's a tiny bit...totally exhausting.
On the flip side, I have lost all of the baby weight! How, you ask? Nursing plus braces plus carrying 20 lb bulk is a great workout, apparently.

-Anthro felt a little blegh to me in the last, oh...9 months? Mainly because I was so busy and tired, and solely browsing via the interweb...instead of going into the actual brick and mortar stores where I usually just feel so exhilerated. But I still got a little tingle in my toes when I saw these today:

 SO Betty Draper (although I would rather look like Joan). Love the pleats, the thin waist, the colors. Not sure about the penguins, but hey, preferable and more interesting than the usual woodland creatures Anthro usually uses (i.e. raccoons, canines, etc).

 I loved the collar on this coat, and the length and structure reminds me of a kinder, gentler Matrix. Like Trinity on Xanax. No guns, no killing. Just maybe the occasional rude memo, but cloaked in very PC verbage. Please cc to NEO, i.e. the One.

LOVE being yellow. And Asian in general. Ha! Well, this skirt is so sweet and perfect for a stroll to brunch on a foggy Sunday morning. Even better if paired with the sweater below. 

But I almost swallowed my tongue when I looked at the prices. Is it just me, or is $350 crazy for a skirt, and $390 excessive for a pullover? Unless it's coated with platinum baubles and was worn by Kate Middleton and is wrapped in stock tips from Buffett? That made me a little irritated. Like, Anthro, get a grip, already!

I told our teenage babysitter about my love for all things Anthro, but not its prices. 
She said with a little smirk,"Who do they think they are--Prada?"
True, they're not Prada. Yes, that's too expensive. For goodness' sakes--get a clue--there's a recession going on. But...sigh. I still love me some Anthro.


  1. Have you heard of RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers)? I'd recommend the book Dear Parent to's cheap on Amazon! It'll really help put the balance of baby & your life in perspective. :)

  2. shelia, ugh, the prices kill me too. the anthro fever causes me to think that anything under $128 is a bargain. darn IT!

  3. I've been seeing this adorable penguin blouse everywhere. I hope it goes on sale soon so I can get my hands on it!