Saturday, January 7, 2012

Big Girl

Our tiny baby turned ONE today!

We celebrated with pink and white cupcakes, new and old friends, lots of gifts, and a nice, long Skype session with Chris (who sadly, is on a business trip).

I took Avery to the park AND let her play with our rock garden for at least 45 minutes (her favorite thing to do right now). 

Our sweet friend Gabby, made Avery her first doll. MADE. Knitted. From SCRATCH. It's exquisitely made. And casually dressed. Like our little girl.

The glamorous jetsetters, Aunt Teresa and Uncle Michael got Avery her second doll, from Tanzania! They just came back from their whirlwind world tour--including an African safari, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, and 4 different continents(Whew! A wee jealous).

It's a mama with her baby in a wrap on her back. It's just like me and Avery--except a little darker and a lot more we are both a bit jetlagged.
What a warm, wonderful year it's been. Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.

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