Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Cozy Midwest Thanksgiving and Dagmar Dress Love

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Did anybody go crazy at the sale yesterday? I didn't see anything I really was dying for, and since my poor VISA is just screaming in's just as well.

Last weekend, we went to Columbus to see Nalynne and family. As always, it was a cozy faux Thanksgiving. Nalynne runs a tight ship with kids, home, work and also looks so fashionable ALL THE TIME.

Here, wearing:
Wind Rippled tee, Anthro
Maryam tank, Anthro (not shown)

She threw me a surprise baby shower, which was so amazing.

Especially when she gifted me the missing part of my soul--the DAGMAR dress! Oh, and Scooter got some loot, too.

Surprise! Anytime there are red streamers, it's clearly a party.

Check out Nalynne's awesome Christmas tree! It's all Anthro, all the time.
She got a lot of these ornaments from Anthro sometime in March 2010 when they were on sale for a buck each. Notice this year's ornaments, priced at between $14-18.

Cece, patiently subjecting to Chris doing her hair.
Voila. Carrie Fisher would be so proud. As would be the Empire.

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