Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday's Anthro Crawl--Part Deux. Too BAAAAD there's no sale!

Whew! Well, I didn't go back to Anthro again today, but I am going to finish chronicling the rest of the LONGEST fitting room review EVER. 
That "runner" sales associate deserves an Anthro Oscar for acting so happy to stagger under heavy armful after heavy armful of beauty. 
The fitting room SA asked me how I was doing every 7-8 minutes. That meant she asked me about 5-6 times--it was more than awkward. For both of us.
I was relieved when someone relieved her post--my shame immediately alleviated.

Ok, let's kick it off with a Moth tunic, WAY reduced to $30. The only one left was small. Interesting top--it has one scant button on each side, completely exposing your enter flank, armpit and side boob. 
As this is a family institution, I deferred the side view.

Eh. No bells rang for me. But if any of you are looking for this tunic? poncho? tuncho? It's still available.

So funny, given the name. I really didn't notice the hummingbird, so--good job hiding it, Anthro!
I quite liked the applique around the neck, which--given it's Anthro, always has beading, cute stitching, and of all things, even pleating at the sides and back. It's so subtle and very special. But I just haven't gotten to the point where I'll pay 80 bucks for a tank. A cardi, maybe, but not a tank. Yet, anyway. Yet.

There's something so striking and fresh about the combination of aqua and yellow. Especially when the colors are combined with a texture juxtaposition. With the yellow flowers being beaded on, and a delicate yellow slip beneath, this dress is stunning...on the rack. 
If only Floreat could have sculpted the top to flatter? Or maybe if I had been able to wiggle my caboose into a size 0, this would have been a happier situation. However, it felt boxy up top and a bit frumpy and matronly to boot. Not that I have anything against matrons. Or boots. Especially the boots. 

Well. Thanks, but no thanks.

Don't I feel sheepish? I snuck in a few shots of these little lambs, and didn't realize they're actually for sale? For a mere $585, that is. Baaaah. That's just chump change, I suppose--for some. I will be content with capturing their image alone.

However, for Chris and me, we're probably going to go dog shopping soon. We (meaning me, mostly) are so excited! I. CANNOT. WAIT.

Puppy! HOORAY!

Any ideas for breed, age, size?

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