Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Three bucks on Lee

I think American Idol is SO good this season. I LOVE Lee, but I realize Crystal is also such a powerfully strong contender. I have a HUGE bet with Kristen, my buddy at work. Last year, I won $2 from her, since I was convinced Kris would win. And then he did. Whether or not he deserved it.

Anyway, I am SO confident that Lee is going to win, that I've upped my bet by 33%.

Whoever wins, they are both so qualified. But I will definitely miss Simon Cowell. Britain's long-delayed verbally abusive revenge on America's come-uponce 200 years ago.

His wit, sharp--nay, slashing, destructive, tipped with little shards of glass. Has been the best thing about that show since its inception.

OH BOY. Is anyone else blown away by the Simon lashback from the crazies that he's insulted through the years? THEY SHUT THAT DOWN. SOON after the fight for the microphone. HILARIOUS!!

"You are my and forever..."

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