Friday, May 14, 2010


Anthro, Anthro everywhere! It's become a game for me to blurt out "That's Anthro!" everytime Chris and I are watching Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, etc. It's like a drinking game, where I should take a swig everytime I spot a frill or sparkle, except I don't drink, and Chris barely seems to care. 

Well, here I've shown some, and these are just 2 show episodes! 

HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) is LOUSY with Anthro!! They're Anthro FIENDS. 

And Glee (not shown here) has even inspired the What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear site, which is rich, overflowing, saturated with Anthro items, left and right.

Any other shows that are Anthro pals you can think of? Anybody?


  1. One of the LA fox news anchors was wearing the Tracy Reese Speckled Ink dress in a broadcast yesterday. I nearly fell off the elliptical trainer trying to get a positive ID on it.

  2. Yup, i do the same and no one in the room is ever interested,LOL! All winter long this Anthro sweater was on this ATT?commerical, the one where the priest says, " what, you dont think we text"...the next scene in that commerical was a designer at a drafting table saying something about her ph bill spending was like spending " an arm & a leg"...I finally had to buy that damn sweater b/c it was haunting me in that commercial ( it was a grey/maroon assymetric sweater vest)!!! Then the other week as i was watching Glee I was talking to a SA in TX over the ph, trying to score the Dauphine Blouse/vest and I say to her "OMG, Emma is wearing the Felted Lei sweater!!!"...and the SA got all excited as well, I think there are plenty of us who get our TV thrills spotting Anthro items,LOL...

  3. I KNOW!! right?! dude, we need to make this into some kind of a game. Since we're all winning apparently, anyway.
    I'm just glad I'm not the only one.
    Cat--congrats on your job, again. Luv the Speck Ink. I bet she rocked it.
    Elizabeth--I totally had that moment with Glee. Emma is ALL up in Anthro.

  4. Annie, character from 90210, was wearing the Reed Plaid Shirtdress last week or week before. I was very excited.