Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This is what happens when Anthro doesn't have a sale

Then I get to celebrate my new postcards from Urban Outfitters, Anthro's original parent store, 
that acts like Anthro's bratty, hoochie mama, teenaged little sister who likes to hang out at the mall ALL DAY LONG with her greasy haired, pimply-faced boyfriend, who can't keep his hands off her. 
Dirty scumbag.

UO is rife with the funny, edgy books that make perfect gag gifts (or for my friends, their ACTUAL and ONLY gift--c'mon "Stuff White People Like" and "The Poop book" are GEMS to be treasured!!), quirky tee-shirts, and oh, the perfect cup to shock my mother. 
P.S. My favorites from the list "Stuff White People Like"--#107 Self Aware Hip hop references and #48 Whole Foods and Grocery Co-ops and #22 Having 2 Last Names. Oh! and #17 Hating their parents. C'MON. THAT'S FUNNY!
Ok,  about the cup.
Sorry, mom. It was just too funny to pass up. I rarely use that word out loud. You know. QUEEN.

(Really, sorry. I don't like profanity as a rule--it's a bit of an affront to people around you, since they and their innocent children can't escape your dirty spewing. But really. C'mon. Funny--SO funny. And I felt like it was SOOO ME and my generation)

Check out these other hilarious postcards that I will DEFINITELY be using to meet/greet my friends instead of frantically rifling through that sentimental dribble that Hallmark is trying to induce daily highway robbery for. 

For Chris. Or Eric, my fave SA at Anthro.

HA! THAT is funny.

Oh, and of course, that one has me rolling on the floor. Because isn't that what love, romance, affection is all about? I can't stand you unless you like me--and then, in that case, maybe we can hang out and grab dinner. Maybe.

Well, friends, don't be surprised if one of these shows up on your doorstep. On the day that you thank me for remembering your birthday.

the QUEEN O.F.E.

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  1. Those cards are hilarious! Thanks for the laugh this morning!