Monday, May 10, 2010

what to wear when hubby gets promoted

Addendum: Nalynne, always being alert and helpful, gave me this link, if anyone wants the Swirled Rosette dress in a size 12. Thanks, N!

Happy Day after Mother's Day, friends! 
Unfortunately, I had to work over the weekend, but that didn't stop us from celebrating Chris' recent promotion--from middle management to slightly upper management. 
Hooray for corporate America! 
We went to our new favorite restaurant in Hermosa Beach, Chef Mel's Bistro, which we highly recommend. American grill-California cuisine, almost everything is organic and the fish is very fresh. 
Anyway, I finally busted out an Anthro dress I've been holding onto. Sorry in advance for the mess--please focus on the clothes and not the pigsty I've allowed myself to live in.

Dress: Anthro Burlapp Swirled Rosette Dress (circa '09)
Jacket: Irene's Story in Redondo Beach
Tights: Anthro
Shoes: Rocket Dog (circa '08)
Earrings: Anthro 
Ring: F21

I love the dress, of course. Its rosette is totally over the top, but since it's all black, I find it adorable. Also, anything that is edged with little ruffles without seeming juvenile is brilliant.

I found it on the sale rack in a size 0, with the strap broken, "AS IS," um, for 50 bucks. YUP. You better believe I POUNCED. LIKE A NINJA!

I sewed that sucker back on, and rocked it all around the house, gloating. Note to self--don't use white thread on a black dress, otherwise your suboptimal sewing skills will suddenly be revealed.

Can I also say, though, that this is my favorite jacket of the year. Don't know if you can see how great the pockets are--they're like small wings without seeming to add of lots of hip. And my hands seem to neatly fit inside, no fishing required.

Don't I look tall? Thanks to Chris who shot upward. Also, my RocketDogs are about 4 inches of extra height.

I imagine the statue next to me is more what a supermodel's frame would be. Yikes!!

What do you guys like to wear to dress up? Any favorites?

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