Thursday, May 6, 2010

Aprons aweigh! Happy Mother's Day!

Hello friends! With Mother's Day almost upon us, I thought I would share my favorite non-everyday items--the quintessential apron.

First off, let's just agree that Athropologie does such an amazing job of rejuvenating, fashionizing, even glamorizing the apron. Can you imagine any of these amazing fashion statements at Walmart? The colors, patterns, details and excessive pricing (sigh) all lend to Anthro's remaking of the apron--the kitchen becomes the catwalk!

Here, my first and only apron from Anthro. I don't cook much, and I only wear this when I want to do some heavy duty pots and pans without getting splashed.

But below are my faves from this season. All could be dresses--in fact, maybe that could be a new "thing!" Going out and about with a tee-shirt, leggings, and a stylish apron thrown on for kicks. Whaddya think?

They are all 32 dollars, btw.

I love the Perfect Paisley Apron's nautical colors. The piping is so adorable, and doesn't it just look like a summer dress begging to happen? Just imagine! The cut is so cute--halter neck and fitted waist. You just can't go wrong.

Ant's Art Apron looks so dreamy and romantic. I feel like this should be worn in between baking some blueberry muffins, and running slow motion in a wheat field. Very modern "Little house on the prairie" but works for Easter Sunday brunch, too.

Um, could this color pairing and fabric be ANY cuter? The obvious answer is, NO. I love, love the pocket, and the little ruffle at the bottom edge. I can see this standing the test of time--It can be worn in summer, fall, this year and in 50 years. That is the justification that I will use to buy it--it will last me for 50 years!!

Love the blue/brown version as well. A kinder, gentler palette. But still kicking quite a bit of ass.

Wowsers. This Extra Ingredient they're talking about must be 2 cups of tres chic! The black and white stripes with that saucy little flower? Looks French, fresh and fabulous! I could see myself making escargot or just eating French Fries in this number, and would not feel bad a bit!

I know the Three-Star apron is going for the western Saloon girl look, but I think it is so much more. The ruffles, the large elegant scalloping could be more formal than just a "saddle up, cowboy!" moment. Aren't the mellow colors beautifully blended? Just different shades of grey, brown and something in between.

As I am a big swing dancer and thus, a fan of the Jitterbug and all swing-related things, I find this apron intriguing. First, the staggered and scalloped edge is so much fun, and green/blue combos always look so fresh, clean, and girlish. Even the polka dots will not deter me. I am smitten!

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