Monday, May 3, 2010

fitting room reviews and a big PR plug for apple iphone

If this post doesn't make it painfully obvious, I was not using my usual iphone for this fitting room review.

Unfortunately, I forgot my iphone in the car. Ack!

So by the time I arrived (meaning, 2 very eager sales associates trucked, taking 3-4 trips each) with my 15 items into the fitting room, I had to make do with my work blackberry, which has all the crisp clarity of a dingy fishbowl.

Now, I know taking pictures in Anthro isn't illegal, but the very last thing I wanted to do was to tell the sales associate I would be right back, so I could go grab my camera and snap multiple photos of the merchandise, and would they mind holding my purse, thanks.

So here we are, fishbowl pals.

Plus, with the blackberry, I had to hook up the bluetooth function, which wasn't really working, then email each of these pics to myself, then download them onto my computer, upload from my desktop, then upload to blogger. All for today's post which aspires to mediocrity!

Ok, enough griping.

Just the nitty gritty.

The Faint lines tee, $48, is huge. I was feeling like the xs was large enough to hide my pet hamster and my new lumbar support. I like the detailing at the top, but usually like tees that are a little more streamlined. Nice detail. Didn't get to try the yellow, just the lavendar.

This top Fairway Buoy Tank $58.00 has been reviewed before, but I just couldn't resist. It is just so fun and nautical. I would have to learn how to sail, just so I could wear this and feel like I had a moment of destiny. The shape is pretty flattering, and the colors are fine for air, sea, and the fourth of July. True to size, I wore a xs.

The Anthurium Blouse, $88 was my fave try-on of the day. It's a little stiffer than I'd like--showing just a little extra chestage than is necessary in a family show, but makes up for that with the crisp flare of the waist to hip.

It's highly embroidered without being an annoying schoolmarm, and the back is ready for business, too (similar to front, but dips lower). I put it on hold, for sale-stalk. I wore a 2, so a little big.

If you squint, you can see a butterfly or an angry man growling at the front of this top.
Folded Wings Tank $68.00 in 3 colors is beautifully made and executed. It's true to size. I loved the detail, but wasn't crazy about the wooden piece (peak of angry guy's eyebrow). Still, beauty marries comfort! and has an angry baby.

The name of this blouse, Moscow-In-Bloom Blouse $98.00 totally intrigues me. Not sure that I picture Moscow in springtime with shades of yellow, pale green and dotted with jewels. 

But if that's the case, hey--sign me up for a one-way ticket and enough Borscht to keep me kickin'. This blouse was breathtaking.

Um, how many reviews of this Whirl & Wind Cardigan $88.00 have you seen? I know--enough. But I still loved it, and had to try it on. 
Both in yellow and in black, which I haven't seen. It's edged with green thread--quite an interesting combo. Which would have been betters served with Mr. Iphone. Liked them both--loved the yellow. Sale-stalk!

Ack! couldn't turn this one in time.
Homespun Horticultural Tank $68.00--very pretty. thought it ran a bit big. love the detail at the neck. Super comfortable. Looks good with my anthro necklace, circa '09.
ps. I will try my best not to ever leave my iphone in a car (or in a bar) again! Speaking of which, Apple's stock seems to being just fine, after their prototype was "stolen." Um, sounds like the best PR gig EVER ('course, a single share is worth 1-4 items at Anthro, depending on how you shop).

Can't wait for tomorrow's sale! already checked out anthroholic and effortless, and it looks like a good day ahead.  

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