Saturday, May 1, 2010

scraps of whimsy

According to our domestic goddess friend Heidi, quilting used to be just an everyday part of life.

Little scraps of fabric from little Sally's work apron, sister Mabel's new spring dress, and say, Johnny Jr.'s overalls were painstakingly and matter-of-factly hand-stitched together, either by individuals or quilting groups, resulting in some of the magic seen below.

Heidi told me these older quilts were stuffed with shreds of wool after the sheep were sheared in days gone by.

To quilt was not a trend or a hobby. It was not fashionable. It was just a way of life because you couldn't just buy a down comforter from Nordstrom's for 100 bucks.

The quilt below was made by Heidi's mother in law, decades ago. By hand! EVERY perfect little stitch!
And aren't the colors just so timeless and beautiful?

I wanted to hug it tightly to me--while quickly inspecting the underside for a "Made in China" tag.

Find it impossible to believe this flawless perfection was NOT made by machine or mass production.
Just a very organized, determined woman who wanted to keep her family warm. 

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