Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Liamolly visits Gram

Chris' grandma (left) is the sweetest little 87 y/o lady you ever met. She is domestic and frugal to a fault--she grew up during the Depression, sews a mean ruffle, gardens semi-professionally, loves to play (and trounce at) Skip-Bo, and adores her family.

She routinely blurts out such precious-isms like "Well, I declare!" and "Oh my Lands!" and calls all her grandkids "sweetie-heart." I know--so cute, right?

seen here with a neighbor and friend

We all went to Michigan this past weekend to visit her and went through quite a lot of her prized (and forgotten) posessions in efforts to help her move residences.

Some really interesting relics:
1. beautiful vintage jewelry (see pearls below)
2. songs written by her friends, for her
3. a pin with a swatsika on it, taken from an SS officer in Auschwitz by Grandpa's brother, (who was one of General Patton's personal detail) when the Americans freed the camp. Wow.

Of course, Nalynne, as always, is decked OUT in Anthro, and the vintage pearls fit right on in! So funny--elegance never goes out of style, does it?

Well, Nalynne's cutie-pie girls also got gussied up in Anthro (both in LiaMolly) to see Gram.

leggings: urban outfitters
boots: sorel hoonah in black..."a shout out to sorel for the warmest most comfy boots for gals"

Celia: liamolly sweater dress from winter 2009 (in pigtails)
Olive: liamolly sweater dress from winter 2009 (in red)

Love you, Gram! See you soon!

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