Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Mother Ship--OOTD and Anthro Crawl

It's Wednesday evening, friends--I'm already pretty pooped. But exhilarated! Because I am tired from SHOPPING ALL AFTERNOON! I know, I know--gloat, gloat. Obnoxious, I realize. Sorry.

But I will share what I saw and liked. And BOY, was there a LOT to like.

First things first--I wore this outfit this am. Kind of threw things together, because if I don't wear items at least once every few months, Chris will pressure me to donate to Salvation Army.

So I have to keep rarer items in circulation juuuuust enough, snatching them from the gaping maw of the furnace. What a hero I am!

So the items that could have been martyred but are with us today:
Jacket: F21 orange/grey houndstooth short trench
Grey sleeveless lace top: F21
Cream top: Anthro Bordeaux Carrington top (circa '08)
Olive velveteen pants: F21
Shoes: Thailand special
and last but not least
Necklace: Anthro (circa '09)--would never ever throw this away or donate. I love this necklace like a member of the family. At least as much as a second or third cousin. Especially the ones I've never met.

Well, I had the good fortune of some free time this afternoon, and I RACED! SCAMPERED! to the freeway and I am happy to report I avoided traffic altogether, whizzing to Santa Monica in half an hour flat! Whoohoo!!

The Anthro 3rd street Promenade flagship store is first of all, ENORMOUS (I usually don't have the time or opportunity to go there, but today was perfect). It's 2 full floors and a little stair landing with a few racks of clothes, too. So almost 3 floors of Anthro!

Asthetically, it's luminous. Lots of natural light and a sale room bigger than my first apartment. Combined with my second apartment. It's a bit ridiculous.

And they have the cool shades of grey paper swirls decorating the walls! So awesome. It reminded me of that ostrich they had way back?


I hadn't even noticed the Compass Points Top on the website yet. Especially since they display it in the navy/black combo, which I found a bit mediocre. But when I saw the pale blue/gold stitching, along with the gathered, puffed sleeves, I had to try that sucker on. 

This top is so springy, delicate and perfect for a May garden party. Especially when layered with the Moth Cardigan--the colors seem perfectly matched. I love stripes and pockets on a cardigan and a floral applique perks this sweet Moth-er up.
I liked both of these very much, so come sale time, I will have to have an xs in each squirreled away. 

Are these 2 MADE for each other? What's up with the same palette?

This is the first time I've seen this dress in person. There's been so much blogged about it, I had to sate my curiosity. It was a xs I tried on, would probably have preferred a small so as to not require the SA's assistance in removal. Again. Unfortunately, they only had xs and larges. 
I found it quite pretty, in a classic, hot-50's-housewife kind of way. Would pass on this one, only because it seems to highlight the fattest part of my upper arms, and isn't THAT what a girl wants to look in the mirror every morning. Ol'Chunky arm rides again. Cap sleeves, begone! Hello, tricep curls!!

Knitted and Knotted does a good job on this light, creamy cardi. It's sprinkled with sequined flowers, and would be great for layering, both for casual and more dressy events. I just couldn't find it in me to buy it today. Maybe because I prefer full sleeves, and it seems a touch matronly...but I can see a lot of people loving this one.

Um, like my childhood Hitler-esque piano teacher, it just occurred to me. Dangit, now I'll never be able to get it. True to size.

Shelia, why don't you ever practice? You're wasting my time!

Ooh, mama. I actually saw this dress on the website this morning and swooned. It looks amazing online,, we are in reality. 
I could not believe how blousy the top section is around the waist, which is gathered with elastic, and then also has a waist tie on top that you can make a bow in front, back, wherever the heck you want.  
I wanted to love it--especially since I love the asymmetry, the one shoulder gathered, with the jaunty bow on the opposite side. Then the slightly ballooned skirt is so fun, too. 

Cue sad violin music. Observe. See anything wrong?

THERE!! See that? That big pouf under the arm? Not flattering. No woman wants to look thicker, stouter, Rubenesque than necessary. And to pay almost 300 bucks in order to look puffy? thank you. If only it were more fitted around the bodice and waist! Gosh darn it! C'mon, daughters of Leif!! Get it together! We and our waistlines are counting on you.

Totally didn't notice this gem on the website either, but wowsers! When I saw it in person today, I was instantly mesmerized. I tried on a size 2 and that was probably a mistake, since I could barely take a deep breath, and you will notice my over-the-bra/back-fat-pockets also gasping for air.  

Notwithstanding, I found this dress so interesting. It's completely unique, especially the cut--from the dainty frontal straps which widen into the space-age racerback to the tulip shaped skirt. 
The bottom skirt edge narrowing was a bit awkard to get in and out of. Especially when I tripped in the fitting room, and almost knocked into ol' Apple Mangrove. Oh how silly to pick oneself up the Anthro floor with sequins stuck to your forehead. 

So be careful getting in and out. But isn't it so cool? It's one part Jetson's and one part "The Fashion Show." (Remember Anna?)

If only they would make this dress in another print. I found this fabric a little cheap and dated. Which would never do for the futuristic Jetsons.

Tracy Reese does this amazing thing with dresses. Man, does she know what she's doing. 
The simple but unusual draping in grey or lavendar jersey strikes just the perfect note. I loved how the jersey felt. The softest fabric imaginable! Something you want to snuggle up to every night. And half of the day.
The waist nipped in without emphasizing my belly, status post large noon meal. Great length and the skirt is not too full. 

I mean, check out the proportions! Tim Gunn would set down his black sharpie, adjust his rimless glasses and congratulate you for making it work!

The diagonal drape can be easily manipulated but the small strap is tucked into in with snaps at the shoulder.

I prefer it of course, like this.

The back isn't completely symmetric, which lends to the dress' charm. Oooh, boy. Need to sale-stalk this one.

I'm a Johnny-come-lately to try on this dress, but I had to see what all the fuss was about. I do love the saturated Kelly Green color. And like everyone says, it is meticulously tailored. I tried on a 2, which fit like a well-zippered green glove. 
As beautiful as it is, it's full skirt seems to over-emphasize my birthing hips, which I prefer to downplay. However, I think it would do well with a nice belt, like Katheryn did on her blog.  Beautiful! But not for me. 

Dig the pockets, though. 

And the beautiful, intricate, almost Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom buttons.


Last item for now, I had to roll this little baby out of the garage.
Pluses: Beautiful heavy orange fabric, delightful navy piping, great pleating, and I always love a wide waistband.
Poopers: The bottom edge of the waist doesn't seem to be able to edge past my hipbone, therefore leaving the waist edge to gap and appear to be, ill-fitted. Surprising for Anthro. I would not have been able to fit the size 2 over my hips.

Not meant to be. A little angry about it. Mad, maybe. Does that make me a Mad Madchen?

I loved Santa Monica! But I'm not sure if it was my favorite store--I still quite like the El Segundo store. How about you guys? Which store is your favorite and why?


  1. Oooooo, maybe I need to go to the Santa Monica store to try on the Feliciana to see if I have better luck. If there's elastic around the waist, though, then it seems like it'll be pretty problematic as you can't get rid of that extra poofage. In your opinion, which store in the LA area do you think has the best sale rack? I don't usually go to either of the anthros you named (if I go into LA, I go the Pasadena one or the Grove). I'm trying to decide which one my sale prospects will be best at for the sale on Tuesday!!!

  2. Hi Klinn! For sure, Santa Monica has the biggest sale rack. However, I just always seem to have good luck at some of the smaller stores, maybe because they don't get as much traffic? Pasadena is great, and I really like the El Segundo store.
    Yes, PLEASE try on the Feliciana! I would love to see it on someone else!
    Good luck Tuesday!!