Saturday, May 1, 2010

Colorful assault

Spring has sprung with an almost violent vengeance!

Our dear family friends have the loveliest yard which could double as a state park. I've yet to see a stretch of grass this massive since my last stroll through Golden Gate Park (in my hometown of San Francisco). 

Guess who is suddenly inspired to build a gazebo? Have you ever seen anything more charming? It looks like it just grew organically in that exact spot.

I was flabbergasted at the exuberance and dramatic volume of these blooms. Pink popcorn anyone?

It was such a poetic experience once the breeze started up and delicate pink petals swirled all around us.

I was tempted to prance down the grassy lane in a fluffy white tutu and allow a flock of bluebirds to chirp all around while they wove a garland of roses into my hair. 

However, since I was surrounded by other people, and specifically my in-laws, I was forced to act normal and demure. Instead, I snapped many a happy picture.

Thank goodness winter is over!

I love the display of dark pink blossoms against the lighter, and then against the mossy trunk.

This tree reminded me of miniature magnolias. or if a thousand pale pink butterflies decided to land on one very lucky tree and just sat there en masse, folding and fluttering their frail wings.

This ash tree was so vividly yellow, like daffodils just perched along a branch. Beautiful!
Is anyone else completely inspired? 

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