Saturday, May 15, 2010

OOTD and return to Mothership, just couldn't help it!

Whaddup girlfriends,
     Today was awesome. I got to see my bff Jen for the first time in months. But ONLY after I was struck by the inspiration to...cut my own bangs in 3 minutes! See the dramatic and life-changing results below. 

     This is what one wears to see one's bff, after a long absence.

Top: Target GO int'l, I totally forget which designer did this one but it's a PITA to iron
Skirt: F21
Leggings: Hue, Anthro
Boots: Tommy Hilfiger, ebay acquisition
Glasses: Paul Frank

Seriously. Love this top, but with all the flingies here and there, it's a pain in the arse to iron.

Then added my sunnies and gloves since it's bright but cold outside.
Sunnies: YSL
Gloves: gift, Grandma

Then I added the trench and bag. It was a progressive thing.

Trench: Target
Purse: Balenciaga (acquired in Thailand. That means it's real--and by real, I mean, NOT imaginary)

After church and lunch, Jen and I headed across the street to you-know-where! She asked me how I felt about being there and seeing her again!

How excited? SO EXCITED!

This is the Santa Monica store, again. Yes, I was just here on Wednesday. Yes, I realize this is now pathological. But it's a beautiful pathology. Look how beautiful.

Here we are, together again.
She's wearing:
Cardi: J Crew
Dress: Ann Taylor
Purse: J Crew (luved it!!)
Shoes: Coach

They had a lot of new sandals. So bright and beachy!

AND THEN. We both saw this chair and almost fell to the floor in longing and amazement. SO GORGEOUS.

Then we looked at the price tag and fell over again, this time--choking on our bile. It's 1200 dollars FOR A CHAIR.

Ok. Well, I guess it's reasonable, since you KNOW some impoverished 3rd world country10 year-old lost his vision embroidering this sucker for 5 years, day and night, by stubby candlelight.

These were also at the table, and also quite fetching.

Well, someday, Anthro. Someday. Either I will be able to afford both a mortgage AND a chair, or you will be tired of having excessive stock of chairs, and these will be availalbe for LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A CAR. Cheers!

Seriously. I sold my last car for 1700. Poor sucker.

What housewares do you guys like? Am I the only one who can't even look at the prices without gagging? But in partial adoration.


  1. I'm always debating on cutting my bangs. Its really hard not to do because I cut hair for a living. Haha. They look good on you!

    &1200 for a chair is craaazy.

  2. thanks, meg! I saw it on another fashion blog, and just suddenly, noticed a pair of scissors in my hand. i wonder if those chairs will go on "super sale" for 750!