Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sale day fitting room review

Oh, happy day, Anthrolifers! 

Anthro--you sure know what you're doing! Making us all wait an extra week before you have a good purging sale.

As for me, it had been less than 24 hours since I had been to Anthro (yesterday, I had to do the walk-thru before the big day--call it a pre-wedding rehearsal dinner--one that HAPPENS to occur every single Monday).

I'm at the stage where each sales associate either 1) recognizes me and says hi and/or 2) recognizes me, and juuuust doesn't quite have the energy to give the "what's-she-doing-here-again" eye roll.
I think they could save some time if they just left my name in green dry-erase ink up on one of the dressing room mirror name plates. 

To their credit, they're usually just so polite, which makes Anthro ever so much fun to browse. For hours and hours. And hours.

Onto the clothes.

I've already bragged ad nauseum about the new aquisition of Deletta's dress and LiaMolly's sweater, see here

$79.95 ...was $148.00
$69.95 ...was $138.00

Then, I happened upon the only xs of this top, which I had seriously not seen before in my home store. Did Ofelia (my shopping doppelganger who wears my size and likes to return things) strike again? (Thanks, Ofie!) 

Loved the perfectly tucked sleave and the bold colors--which remind me of watercolors from an Asian still life.  
$39.95 ...was $78.00

I have been stalking this next top for months, MONTHS. The floating flowiness! The leaf pattern! So lovely!

But little did I realize that there is no zipper--you actually have to button um, like, 15-16 (!) little rounded suckers up one entire seam. Since this was a size zero, I decided to spare everyone the sight of myself in disarray, unbuttoned, and disappointed.
Oh wellers.

Thought the details of this tank were interesting mainly because they're so vaguely ethnic. Does this top remind you of India? the Mayans? Thailand? All of the above.

It's like the United Nations of tanks.

I liked the back--most racerbacks are flattering (as long as your bra straps aren't hanging ALL the way out), but still had to pass. The waist was a bit odd.

Mekori Tank
$39.95 ...was $78.00

Vie En Rose dress, which I found for $20! Whoohoo! Thank goodness for returners and the return policy that keeps on giving.

Really wanted to like this one. But like everyone says, the fit is humongous. I wish I could say that I am always swimming in a size 2. And usually I wouldn't mind.

It's just that the excessively large arm holes lead to a whole new intimacy that I don't wish to have with every casual passerby. Darnit! No size 0 to be had online or local stores. Boo. Bummer, since it was marked down to $50 (even though not so on the website!).

This fabric is beautiful, and so is the cut of this dress. If ever you wanted to fit in at the Queen's garden party, and then take off to brunch at the Four Seasons after that, this would be the dress to wear. 

Since I have filled my quota of both for the year, I had to decline.

$99.95 ...was $188.00

Totally don't remember what this sweater is called--they had it in black as well, for sale. About 50 bucks. Nice embroidery at the top portion, but wasn't wowed to the point of purchase.

 The Sparrow Edana cardigan, which I've been hawking, but gave up trying to find--is now in my life, and we will never be apart. I think it's the back that sold me. I mean, how kick-ass is that?

It worked well layered, too. I wasn't SO crazy about the

But oh, boy. I think this sweater will be such a great layerer piece. I'm going to have to find events to go to so I get to wear it!

The last tee of the day was
$29.95 ...was $48.00

Loved the fit. Loved, loved, and loved even more. It was soft, dainty but comfortable, fitted but not hoochie. Versatile for layering, and appropriate for all occasions. 

$29.95 ...was $48.00

I will end this post with that content, almost smug smirk that I donned, the minute I got this cardi in my hot little hands. The fact that it fit perfectly, despite being 1 size larger than usual was extra gratifying. Cheers for Anthro and LiaMolly!


  1. I love the Sparrow Edana cardigan on you! I'm waiting on the Fragrant Valley Dress and Blooms Adrift Top to arrive in the mail. I hope they look as good on me as they do on you! I have the Hourglass Surplice and I love it!

  2. Thanks, Bonnie! You are so sweet. I loved everything this sale. Send pics of the FV dress, BA top and Hourglass! Isn't it the most comfortable top EVER?!