Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well played, Anthro...well played.

Hi Anthropals--

     Did everyone go CUCKOO for COCOA PUFFS today at the big sale? After a lot of whipped up frenzy, I found the sale to be pretty comprehensive--especially in the home department.

That is a LOT of glassware markdowns, friends!

Of course, not everything that I wanted went on sale, but I did score a few new items early this am, rolling over in bed, and clicking "BUY"!! Yeah!! And it was JUUUUUST enough to satisfy my cravings. Nicely done, Anthro.

Loop-De-Loop Corset--saw it, loved it. Said--good morning, you're coming home with me. Click!

That online shopping tied me over throughout most of the day--that way I didn't feel compelled to rush out of work and driving like a heroine fiend to 3 different Anthros. Not that I won't be doing that later on tonight.

Nearly Gossamer Cardigan I've been stalking for months! I love the cut, and I will love it in both colors!! Whoohoo! Clickety clickety.

soft? yes! flattering? yup! UNDER 50 BUCKS? CHECK!!!

Buckled Cummerbund I even busted out for a new belt, since the double buckle and nautical stripes seemed clean and versatile. I am still not completely sure about this one, but 20 bucks says "we'll see!"

Ummmm....sometimes Anthro gets it totally and dramatically wrong. I can't tell you how many paper mache birds they have for sale on the website. Uh, 45? Maybe 150? Who knows.

They might want to change their tactic and start giving these away, one with each purchase of $200 or more. Which would be EASY. I would have scored my own flock by now. And THAT wouldn't be creepy, having a living room full of these birds, each perched on his own driftwood. Watching you.

Oh well. They can't all be gems.

Btw, I have a Bee's favorite blouse waiting on hold for me, in xs. I'm so excited!! What did everyone else score? Show and tell, please!!


  1. You're so funny! I too am pondering over the Buckled Cummerbund, but don't want to get belt-crazy and wrap them around everything in sight! So the corset is ridiculously cute and can't wait to see you wear it!

  2. I want that Buckled Cummberbund if I can find one at this point!
    I've sat out of the sale thus far...we'll see tomorrow when I go to the store. I'm pondering the white Blue Book Blouse and Peeking Lace Blazer.
    I tried the Nearly Gossamer Cardigan on a long time ago and sadly it ran so huge, I was sized out. I hope you sized down!

  3. Sheila - you are a riot, lady!! I love reading blog. It seriously cracks me up. Great buys!! The red cummerbun is one of my current fave accessories and I'm thinking about ordering the blue. Can't wait to see what got tonight :)

  4. Oh...I tired an XS in the Bees shirt today. It had plenty of room but still pulled at the buttons. Hope it works better for you. The pattern and colors are darling!! I was tempted to buy it despite the button gaping and relegate it to layering. The price is definitely right!!

  5. Dea: You always strike the right notes with your belts. I say belted is better! I'm going a bit belt-crazy, but I find it freeing. Probably a bit excessive--I agree. Somebody stop me!

    Kim: Good for you, for sitting out! There were a ton of the buckled cummerbunds at both Anthros I went to. Let me know if you can't find one. Yes, I totally sized down--good thing!

    Cat: Thanks for reading my blog! I quite enjoy yours, too. Were you an English major or something? You are quite articulate. Anyway, re the Bees shirt--I'm gonna bust it out (literally, possibly) soon! Stay tuned!!