Monday, September 13, 2010

Awesome Anthro Jackets and Sale Finds

Addendum: Thanks, girls, for the name reminder. It's the Cream Confection jacket that has entranced me and many others. See the last paragraph. 

Hey kids,
      I perused the gorgeous Santa Barbara store Labor day Thursday and found some good sale items. This long sleeve maroon tissue tee was trying to achieve mediocrity, so I had to leave it behind. 


I found this Deletta tank so fun and interesting. Plus, I love Deletta's handiwork. Their fabrics always seem sinfully soft and luxe. Even a simple tank can be interesting and longlasting. Not to mention belly-friendly.

Just 30 bucks. Not bad.

Ooh!!I finally tried on the Terrace House jacket $138.00 which reminds me of some other jackets Tabitha has done in the past. See the brown Tabitha jacket in this earlier post.

They do such a beautiful job of tailoring with the details around the collar.

ARGH! Stop it, Tabitha!! Stop making awesome things that are impossible not to buy!

Another reluctant walk away--since I have no idea if it will fit later on. You know, when I lose 50 lbs. After gaining 80.

Then, the tour de force.

Boo, but I cannot find this jacket for the life of me on their site.

But I LOVED it. The clever ruffle around the edge--which becomes a functional and cozy pocket. And the subtle Edwardian collar. Oh! I literally walked up to the checkout counter with the jacket still on. Unable to part with it.

I had forgotten my wallet back at the hotel where Chris and I had stayed. So I had to parade around in front of him to seek his financial patronage while batting my eyes and trying to appear vulnerable and cold, while carrying his child. Who will not stop kicking me in the gut.

Long story short. He loved it. I tried on the black. It's just as cute and maybe more versatile, given my own wardrobe palette.
I'm wearing the jacket right now, as I'm typing. LOVE IT.

A little steep, but c'mon. So stinkin' cute. And that ruffle is worth its weight in Anthro gift cards.

Ok. More coming later. I have to go read Tim Gunn's new book "Life's Little Lessons for Making it Work" now. Don't laugh.


  1. Ooh how lovely! I also wore my Cream Confection Jacket for the first time this weekend and I love it. I'm returning the clinton trench because of it because it's way more versatile and it'll go into winter really well with the mild weather we have here in Seattle.

    You just look so great btw! You don't even look pregnant! :) I wish I had your genes!

  2. OMG! You're so funny..."trying to look vulnerable and cold, while carrying his child." You know that will work later, too, when the baby is out and you need something. Well, at least that works for me..."I carried your child for 9 months..." and usuallly I get what I want. :)

    You look great in everything! Have a great day!

  3. i really liked that cream confection jacket also when it first came out and no one knew the name and was referred to as the "mystery jacket", but the arms are really long on me. what about you?

  4. i bought that coat over labor day weekend too! I love it, but I may return it because my wallet is hurting so much! But it looks great on you!

  5. Cindi--Cream confection totally trumps the Clinton! Good choice. Send me a pic sometime!
    Gemma--whatever works, right? Glad to know it will work for a while!
    Sylvs--thanks for the name. Totally looked it up today after i got your email. Arms seem ok. Helps that mine are ape-like in length.
    Lori--I feel your pain. Or maybe I should say, Chris does. We have separate accounts, thankfully.

  6. love that jacket. but i'm allergic to wool. and i think every pretty jacket ever made has been made with wool... waaahh!