Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Jackets and Sale Finds

Happy Sunday, fashion peeps! Here are more of the delightful finds from my day and a half in Santa Barbara on Labor Day. I've started to just try on anything and everything in my size on the sale rack that can possibly cover my increasing girth.

Loved the Horseshoe Falls Top, $29.95 which comes in a rainbow of colors, but apparently fate only wanted me to have it in white since they had run out of all the other smalls.

So I could layer it under this striped, bowed hoodie. Which I would have bought, except I have a unseemly dislike for 3/4 sleeves. I prefer either full length or short sleeve above the elbow--anything in the middle is unbearable and morally unacceptable.

But the bow sure was cute.

Oh, Tracy Reese. This Phlox and Coral Coat for a mere $288, looks so cozy and warm and appropriate for a jaunty tromp through the English countryside.

I loved the look in the catalog, but realized quickly that this was not as practical everyday coat as my Cream Confection jacket, which I have worn this whole week. And still love deeply.

I tried on a size 2 (I'm usually a size 0), which fit Scooter and me just fine. It would be great for a maternity coat, but it is definitely "poufy" as one reviewer stated, since it's an empire cut, made with almost a tapestry type fabric.

In fact, I did feel a tiny bit like a human couch--albeit a very chic human couch.With lovely pockets I could just tuck my hands into.

Loved the collar. And the coral trim. Agh. So lovely.

I finally tried on this sweater coat which looked so cuddly and ladylike on the hanger. Unfortunately, it couldn't be found yet on the website UNTIL I used the reference number from the photo on the tag.

Anthropologie, you are so sneaky!

You listed this Sleeping on Snow, Herringbone Sweater Coat, $118 under Sweaters, NOT "jackets" or "outerwear."  

And by the way, why do we need an separate "outerwear" section?! Are jackets not outerwear? Is it only to confuse us well-meaning bloggers and shoppers? If so, mission accomplished.

It's got these panels around the collar, which are only attached at the beautifully cinched and pleated empire waist. You could slip your hand underneath it, like so.

I love Herringbone, especially this lovely cream/beige combo. I completely plan to sale-stalk. Cozy, but great for work, too.

I tried on the small, instead of the XS, since I'm not anymore. It fit fine.


  1. Next on my Wish List is the Cream Confection. Except I really wanted the Camel, and they have pulled that color from online. I finally got my Phlox and Coral 2 weeks ago. It's still in the upper 80's. So depressing that I can't wear it. The coat is TTS, so you probably need the 0. I listened to the reviewers and ordered mine originaly in a 6. It was huge. So I had to re-order in a 4. It fits perfect. Not tight. I can get a substantial sweater underneath. Order a 0 online if your store doesn't have it.


  2. Thanks, Laura! I've seen quite a few of the Cream Confection around, in Camel and Black. Have yet to find it in a cream. If you live near a store that doesn't have it, you can always have them call around for a Camel in 4--then they will ship to you for free.

  3. You look amazing!!! I love those sweaters :)). Cant wait to use my Bday coupon from Anthro :)) xoxo