Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Star Entry Tee

Hi dear friends, 
      It's been a while, eh? I've had plenty of busyness here (nanny drama, baby drama, enough drama from this mama). How 'bout you? Thanks for still reading my daily, weekly, monthly blog. I think I can commit to that. Monthly sounds fine. 
     Anyway, speaking of things that take a while to come around, the Parmenor Corset, which I wishlisted here, which is essentially sold out online, and was only sold online. Saw it in the store the other day...
Had to try it since it was on 2nd cut, and I was lusting after it since the get-go. You know how some things sound great in theory--and really don't work out in reality? Like french kissing, open relationships,  and communism?
Well, it just wasn't happening.
However, I did like the Starred Entry Tee, see here  (Isn't it funny how you go from preferring the strapless bustier to drapey modest cover-up when you become a mama?).
The gray was not too muted, and the material was a jersey blend. Medium weight, but wonderfully pieced together in a crosspatch which overlies one's sternum in a surprisingly flattering way.
I even like the view from the side, as the sleeves drape gracefully, even when one is naturally not graceful.
Will wait for sale and then a ninja!

No, I'm not pregnant again--except with potential (at least, that's what my mom says). Plus I had a great tri-tip sandwich for lunch. It's because the baby needs iron. And the calcium from Ben/Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. All for the baby. ALL.
Happy Wednesday to you. Avery says "Squeeeeeal!" as she is starting to crawl (that just means hello).

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  1. Oh, you're too funny! :) And you do NOT look one bit pregnant (well, yes, pregnant with potential!). Before I read that, I was thinking how skinny you're looking!