Monday, July 18, 2011

A Year Ago and This Weekend

 A year ago, I went here, the Anthro store in Corona, California, designed by Prada, inspired by the desert, and loved by all.

And looked like this.

Yowza. The Porridge print and emerging 2nd trimester belly brew a powerful concoction of awesomeness!

Anyway, this present-day weekend, we babysat, watched Horrible Bosses (which itself wasn't horrible--just mediocre--but who wants to see a movie called "Mediocre Bosses"), and had dinner with friends.

Yesterday, I flew to SF for one day. Mainly to see my family, get my braces adjusted (yes, in SF--but only bc I get the family discount), and to do those things without taking a screaming baby. She was an angel all the way to Cincinnati July 4th (5 hours both ways), but the time before that, when I took her to SF, scarred me for life. Whoohboy.

However. I'm sure the 40 minutes of SHRIEKING was excellent birth control for the snarky college girl sitting behind me. You are welcome, ASHLEY.  

Btw, this time, since I was only going to SF for 9 hours, all I brought was my purse and my pump. You should have seen the TSA Security Guy's eyes bulge out of his head when he saw my pump sail through the xray machine in all its glory.

Below, see pics of Avery. Sure is hard to get an OOTD for myself together nowadays. Need to get better at the "getting dressed in appropriate attire" thing, now that I'm getting back to work (kind of). I will have to tell you my saga sometime--you 3 people who still read this blog--whoops, I mean 2.
 Frequent flier, at Cincinnati airport security.
 We started solids. Avery always seems a bit tentative.

 Rice cereal.
And carrots. Which are her favorite. Really, you can't tell, but she's ecstatic.

She is 6.5 months now--65%ile on everything, at her last visit. We were a little concerned about her massive head size (which is the same size as a modest pumpkin--thus, the apt nickname, Pumpkinhead). But it appears to be normal. I guess all the babies have ginormous noggins nowadays--just a growing trend.

Here's to Anthro's line of very stretchable headbands.


  1. That Corona Anthro is gorgeous! And Avery is priceless! I love the pic of you carrying her in a sling on the left sidebar. All around me it seems to be babies... I've definitely got them on my mind now. :)

  2. Still reading!
    Cute cute baby Avery! Imagine how those foods taste to her with those brand new taste buds!
    And how very cosmopolitan to fly to SF just for a day!

  3. what a beautiful store. yes, a lot can change in a year. lol pumpkinhead, she is adorable.

  4. I'm still here :). Avery is getting to be so big!