Thursday, July 7, 2011

Late 4th of July OOTD and update

 Hi dear pals.
     You are probably wondering why I haven't been blogging lately, and then guessing that I've been swamped with work, baby, and generally, life (life including the online traffic school in addition to the $500 ticket, I have for driving 81 mph on my way to SF--Officer, I was going with traffic!).
     You would be correct.
     You would also be correct if you guessed that we went to Ohio for the 4th (man, you're uncanny!), and there was a joyous reunion between Nalynne's 2 kids and Avery.

 Especially C, who adores her baby cousin. Avery (6 months today) had to tell her,"Shhh. Just go."

    We spent time with family, playing dozens of rounds of Skip Bo. I trounced Chris' 86 year old Grandma the first few games, just to have her taunt me with some surprisingly unkind trash talk a few rounds later.
     Nalynne channeled the Pioneer Woman's hominess and frugality in her Starbucks Avoidant Iced Coffee.

Urban Outfitters Tank
Anthro Puella skirt
Anthro Lemon Stick Wedges, see pinterest link here.
     Love my new Lemon Stick Wedges, which came in the mail last week. Comfy. Casual, yet bright. Just high enough without going Lady Gaga on you.
 Note to self 1: Have hubby photog me from lower steps as to make me look much much taller. 
 Note to self 2: Remember to remove hands from pockets once in a while. Although I do love me some pockets.
 Note to self 3: Try not to wallow in self-pity, as homes in Mid-West seem unnecessarily large and gracious, people quite friendly and sincere. Does not help that Nalynne had a huge trampoline in backyard. Cue childlike giggles and snorts of glee as Chris and I leapt, bounced, wheeled to our hearts' content.

Dream come true...then, nightmare began as I realized I had to eventually go home to my trampoline-less hovel. Oh, Ohio. Well, at least in Southern California, I have 8 Anthros within 35 miles. Not that I have been to any of them lately (see first paragraph).

Ah well. Happy belated 4th, everyone.



  2. was it really 500 dollars for the ticket? i got a speeding ticket going 84 on a 70mph freeway and i'm still waiting for the bill in the mail.

  3. syl--it was 483 for the ticket, and 30 for the online driving school. if i hadn't done driving school, it would have been 450. considering that i avoid the insurance hike, it's still a bargain. but a painful one. :)

  4. dang, that was a costly mistake. that was my first speeding ticket ever, and that's like 21 years of driving. keep up the blog, i check it at least once a week! your baby is growing up so fast, and she's so cute. love seeing pics, too. breaking dawn part 1 in the fall?