Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hunger Game Madness!

Hi guys,
     Um...Our date nights always seems to consist of watching films that have been adapted from YA books that I'm a little embarrassed to be caught reading. Exhibit A: Twilight.

     Yes. Dignity is clearly not an issue.
     Anywhoo, did anyone else see Hunger Games last night and feel the sudden urge to buy a crossbow on Ebay? Also slightly nauseous since the camera seemed to be constantly tossed around by 2 drunk frat boys playing keepaway?
     And annoyed that she was surrounded by very loud 11 year olds who kept whispering and didn't see how important this movie was?!
      Admittedly, I love loud kids; have one, married one, have been one myself and hope to have more someday.

      Also, feel strongly that Peeta should have looked less like Blake Lewis and more like Matt Czuchry. Who also looks like Blake Lewis, but has those adorable eye crinkles when he smiles, which would have been an additional BILLION dollars in sales for HG. Just sayin'.

Happy weekend!

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