Friday, March 11, 2011

Shopbop loves Anthrolife!

Hey Anthropals--
     Shopbop e-tapped me on the shoulder and said "Dude, this is the best blog EVER and we would love to sponsor you at the Fashion Olympics so you can quit your day job and just blog about whatever you want and we will pay you in lavish jewelry, Girl Scout Thin Mints, and all things Anthro. Also, your hair smells lovely and my, what a cute baby you have."

     That is what they SAID to me, people.

     Or maybe they just said, "Have a $100 Shopbop reader giveaway?" and I said yes.

     I usually browse Shopbop when I have a free moment in between Lucky magazines (hello, Lucky! call me!) to see what's going on in the non-Anthro realm. Fave part is cruising the Shopbop designer sale where I usually hit up Rag and Bone, and J Brand on sale for their jeans. Nanette Lapore is my personal fave. 
Nanette Lapore on the beat plaid dress, $313
Nanette Lapore, Night Mischief Coat, $291
      Also, when I am back to my pre-baby self, I fully intend to wear a Herve Leger dress to work, particularly this one, striking this exact same pose, and be like, all, "Hey. 'Sup, y'all."

     All delusions aside, if you want to be entered to win a $100 gift card at Shopbop, here's the deal:
For one entry:
1. Be a public follower of Anthrolife.
2. Comment that you are a public follower of Anthrolife and in the comments, tell me your favorite designer.
     Don't include your email--I will announce the winner on the blog.
3. Deadline is March 24, 10 pm Pacific standard time (because that's when I go to bed).

For extra entries:
1. Blog about this giveaway and include a link to the blogpost in your comment (1 extra entry).
2. Tweet about this give giveaway and include link (1 extra entry).
3. Name your favorite Anthrolife posting (1 extra entry)--I know there are SO many good ones. CMU (cracking myself up).

Happy Shopbopping!


  1. I am following you on Google Friend Connect! My favorite designer has to be Calvin Klein, because I can't get enough clothing in his minimalistic chic style. And Shopbop has a great selection of CK!

  2. I am a follower! My favorite designed right now is Anne Dem.... =)

  3. Oh and I tweeted...

  4. i'm a follower! (google)
    my favorite designer is proenza schouler. thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  5. Hey Shelia,

    You KNOW I follow (or is that stalk) you online!
    Fave designer: Vera Wang (one of many)
    Fave blog post: "The final excuse: Our own Anthrolife"

    I'm waiting for my big money! lol

  6. Hi. I'm a follower. I'm really loving Alice and Olivia at the moment, and my favourite post is probably when you introduced Avery in January- so beautiful!

  7. I am a follower and I like alica +Olivia a lot.

    I loved your post about Budapest. I visited there for work when I was 7 months pregant with my first. It was so fun to remember through your post.

    Fun giveaway!

  8. I'm a follower and lately I've been loving Alice and Olivia. :)


  9. Thanks for the giveaway! I adore Diane von Furstenberg and would love to use the gift card towards one of her dresses!

    I'm a follower and I really liked your post on your trip to Prague. I was there a couple years ago and it brought back wonderful memories!

  10. I follow you now!

    I love Elie Tahari and his fantastic, classic pieces.

    I've just started looking through your blog, but I already like the post where you announced you were pregnant!

  11. I'm a follower!

    I love Rebecca Minkoff.

  12. I'm a big travel lover, so my favorite post is definitely the Budapest one.

    Great giveaway!

  13. I have been reading through your blog and really enjoyed the honesty and humor of your "The Last Thing The World Needs" post!

  14. I'm a follower! Favorite designer would be Marc Jacobs.


    This would be my favorite post! The dress you wore looked great on you

  16. Ooh pick me pick me!!! My favorite lines are APC and Steven Alan. Usually I try to substitute with whatever I can get.

  17. Oh I am excited it is fun to win this babe...fingers crossed

    I am following you by the way

    My favorite designer is Marc Jacobs I love his versatility and casual ideas....



    I love this post looking back at where you started your blog...



    I tweeted about the giveaway :D

    will blog about it later...thanks


  20. i'm a public follower and my fave designer is marc jacobs.

  21. tweet:

  22. Following on GFC (closet cravings)

    Love Alice+Olivia, Joie, and Alexander Wang. So hard to choose. =)

  23. I'm a follower, and I love Marc Jacobs!

  24. I blogged!

  25. I tweeted!!/FakeGradSchool/status/51133032123482113

  26. I loved this post with your new house tour!